How We Benefit You


Say NO to year round contracts with Eno lawn Care.  There’s no reason to be locked into a contract through December, January, and February when your grass doesn’t even need to be cut. Of course, we’ll provide service just as frequent as you may need, but we think that should be YOUR call. At Eno Lawn Care, we know it’s our customer relationships that will bring you back year after year, not a piece of paper.


We are not the cheapest company around, but we are competitive and fair. We offer a superior customer service experience and are priced accordingly.


Tired of leaving checks under your front door mat only for the checks to get lost, rained on, or worse yet stolen? It’s time the industry held itself to a higher standard, which is why Eno Lawn Care offers free online bill pay. You can easily pay for any service performed during the month right from your emailed invoice. Fast. Easy. Convenient.